Majluq symptoms, causes, and treatment

What is Majluq / Masturbation?

The act of achieving orgasm with the help of one’s hand is called Majluq. In Islam, it’s considered an evil deed (with exceptions in limited cases). The cause of learning such an act is the digital information that is quickly publicized online.

The act causes long-term damage to the genitalia, such as a decrease in genital strength, harm to the nerves, numbness, flatulence, disrupted sleep patterns, memory loss, etc.


The body starts getting weaker when properly required nutrients aren’t consumed after

Stiffness in hands, friction weakens the muscles of the limbs

Lowers drive and reduction in sperm cells

Indigestion, loss of appetite. Weakness, depression caused by temporary loss of memory


Tablespoon of Lettuce, cassava, Dried cassava, chalk, and Egyptian in the morning and evening