Terms & Conditions


Payments will be charged upon delivery of the goods. No goods shall be supplied without payment. Payment will be taken in cash upon delivery.

Delivery Time

When we have the items of your order in stock, it is dispatched within one business days.


Items ordered that are in stock should be dispatched within 24 hours of the order being placed. Mufti Organics holds limited inventory in our store, and sometimes your order may be placed in a queue. We will try and inform you if this is the case and when you can expect delivery.


Claims arising from damage, delay, or partial loss of the goods in transit must be made in writing to Mufti Organics within two working days of delivery. Mufti Organics shall be afforded reasonable opportunity to investigate any claim made hereunder. If so, the Customer requested in writing or verbally by Mufti Organics, promptly return any of the goods subject to any claim and any packing materials securely packaged to Mufti Organics for examination.


  • Suppose the Customer establishes that any goods have not been delivered, delivered damaged, or are not of the correct quantity. In that case, Mufti Organics shall, at its option, replace them with similar goods.
  • If the Customer establishes that any of the goods are defective, Mufti Organics shall, at its option, replace them with similar goods.

Privacy Policy

  • We are committed to protecting your privacy. We do not sell or rent the information you provide us to anyone.