Child Issues: Constipation

What is the cause of Constipation in Children?

The irregularities in bowel movement after every one to three days is called constipation. Constipation is considered the “mother of all diseases” because it carries with it many other problems as well. It doesn’t only affect children but if not taken care of can continue during adulthood as well.

If constipation occurs after a month or so it’s not to be too concerned of as that could be due to what diet or food you ate.

Symptoms include abdominal pain, nausea, inability to defecate for a few days, hard stools.

The reasons can be due to change in diet routine, digestive problems, medication, cheese, cow milk or dairy products, lack of regular bowel movements, change of diet, change of weather, junk food.

It could be treated by eating solid foods high in proteins, staying hydrated, avoiding spicy food items, if dairy doesn’t suit you then avoid that. In severe cases the constipation can also be due to stomach infection so it’s always recommended to get yourself checked if the constipation is regular with excessive pain.



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