About Us

Mufti Organics is a subsidiary of Mufti Dawa Khana operating in the Walled City of Lahore since 1881 with its specialization in the field of Hiqmat. Entering the business in 1940, and being managed by its 5th Generation.

Our realization of the fact that how people have gone away from herbal and organic medication which is slow but the right way to ail sickness to contemporary medicine which is opted for quick fixes is what piqued our interest to reach and educate people on the need for herbs. Our years of expertise and experience has taught us how marvellous nature is and how it can heal our health in unforeseen ways.

We at Mufti Organics are working to provide quality herbs, remedies, to heal your sickness. Our aim is to revive the field of hikmat and organic medicines which can be used to heal all sorts of diseases and illness. As a study states that you 25% of the drugs prescribed worldwide have plants extracts then why cannot we directly use plants based herbs to take 100% advantage?

People have started paying attention with the passage of time how herbal and natural organic medicine can heal the root of the disease and illness, rather than stick to a lifetime of antibiotic medications. In this era, herbs are being used to treat migraines, diabetes, arthritis, fatigue, and a number of skin infections. these herbs are cheap and a safer mean of treatment than you conventional medicines. Keeping in consideration the interest of people, Mufti Organics designed this platform where our customers can revert back for herbal medicines.

What We Do? We provide retails & wholesale supply of fresh, herbal & organic:





Dry Fruits